Thursday, August 31, 2006

My first post EVER!

This morning, I sat on the porch at my mom’s house in Forest Knolls, having my coffee, reading the short story in a back-dated issue of the New Yorker. Suddenly I heard a buzzing sound, something like the buzzing of a generator. When I looked up, I saw that it was a hummingbird, whizzing by my ear and into the trees above. The air was warm and as my new bicycle sat next to me, bored and despondent, I was quickly persuaded that I must go for a ride and enjoy the sunshine before heading into my desk job. I heard a rustle in the trees and saw some crisp yellow leaves prematurely fall to the ground. Dandelions fly by me, and I think, this isn’t such a bad place to be. So why do I feel so restless?

Back from my bike ride. Wildlife report: saw 1 lizard, 1 snake, lots of butterflies, a flock of quail, two flattened racoons, and a palomino horse.