Monday, January 29, 2007

Jan 23, 2007

went to my 2nd baseball game in havana tonight. here you root for los industriales, havana´s home team. they won 4-1 against matanzas. the last game we saw they won 9-2 against Granma. the industriales are kinda like the yankees. they always win, the fans are arrogant and obnoxious. they have nice uniforms. so tonight was interesting, there were 2 fights with policemen and another guy was hauled off like a sack of potatoes he was so drunk. other differences btwn games in the US and games here in cuba

1 it only costs 5 cents to get in.
2 the stadium is mostly empty because people prefer to watch on tv
3 you cant buy beer in the stadium but you can BYO your own rum or beer
4 no peanuts
5 all the hometeam fans sit behind the hometeam dugout and the visitors sit behind their dugout
6 when someone brings in a run, the entire team comes out of the dugout to high five the player
7 when the fans heckle the third base coach, he talks back to the fans
8 the game begins with everyone standing and singing the national anthem. all the players turn to face the flagpole, but there is no flag.

going camping for 2 days tomorrow. then off to panama on sunday!

ps. lilia, you will love to know that most bikes here have lugs.

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