Saturday, February 24, 2007

Feb 1, 2007

I´ve been having a good time solo in Panama. My friend Gabriela arrives in just about an hour, so solo no more! In fact, it will be quite the opposite as the wedding is on Saturday and I´m sure the festivities have already begun. Last night I went to a wine tasting at a place called The Wine Bar, where Gabriela´s uncle Billy is the manager. We got to taste 5 wines from Argentina. Then we ate dinner with the chef. Had smoked salmon salad, a smoked trout salad, salmon sauteed with leeks, and a green salad with gravlax. The theme of the evening was salmon. I had to laugh when Gab´s uncle asked me how well I knew her. When I told him I met her in 1990 on our way to France, he replied, "oh, you´re THAT girl!!!!" Unfortunately, yes, I am THAT girl. or at least I was then... But then so is Gab.

I went on a boat adventure yesterday with a bunch of retired americans from all over. it was funny. they were all avid birders! except for one guy who brought along two cans of guinness and never once picked up a camera or a pair of binoculars. totally just going along for the ride. we saw 3 species of monkeys, tons of tropical birds, a 2 toed sloth, a 3 toed sloth, a couple iguanas... it was fun!

The day before I went hiking in the Parque Natural Metropolitano, a semi deciduous rainforest inside panama city. Saw tití monkeys, something called an agouti that looks like a little brown pig, a huge iguana that scared the shit out of me, and a very long vine snake (not dangerous). I also saw lots of butterflies and moths, so many different colors. I can´t wait to check out the wildlife in the other rain forests throughout the country.

Well, I better get going. Going to check out of my hotel and meet up with my partner in crime.

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