Friday, March 30, 2007

a dream

My friend emailed me this dream that she had. It is inspiring to me too. I can almost picture myself in the boat:

Earlier this week, Monday or Tuesday night, I had a really incredible dream. Suta, Kristin and I were all in a boat - kind of like a wind surfing catamaran type vessel. Suta was at the healm. We were having a great time cruising along this beautiful coast. It was time to bring it further in towards the dock and just as Suta was steering it in, a huge passenger vessel came out of nowhere. Suta adeptly maneuvered it sharply and gracefully to the left to avoid a collision. I woke up shortly thereafter and in my grogginess just thought that that was the best dream. I was filled with a sense that it held a lot of symbolism about Suta's strength and ability to choose the right path.

Ah! Choosing the right path. This continues to be the theme. Is there a right path and a wrong path? Or is there simply the path that we have chosen and the paths yet to come? I guess we can also interpret the dream as our ability to steer clear of disaster.

Which leads me to my weekly horoscope, according to astrological sage Rob Brezny:

Virgo Horoscope for week of March 29, 2007

One out of every 20 people claims to have talked to the devil personally. That statistic could change in the coming week, however, because I'm predicting that many of you Virgos will sit down for a heart-to-heart with the horned one. For most of you, furthermore, the conversation will go surprisingly well. You'll out-argue the devil, impressing him with your logic and winning him over with your charm, leading him to promise to dramatically reduce the number of insidious temptations he'll send your way in the future. APRIL FOOL! There is no such thing as the devil. But it is true that you're likely to triumph over evil in the coming week.

I believe I have already had the conversation with the devil this week, et son nom, c'est M.B.

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