Wednesday, March 21, 2007

great film

Just saw an incredible film. It was this year's Oscar winner for best foreign pic: The Lives of Others. Really phenomenal acting and story. The colors were moving as well. All greys to depict occupied East Germany. Christoph wrote me and told me that he cried at the end. It was very touching, and I can see how someone who grew up there in that era would be moved to tears. The story reminded me of Cuba, because they are still living in that nightmare. Even though the buildings in Havana are crumbling, the wall has still not come down. The number of suicides in the Soviet Bloc during that time was terrifying compared with the rest of Europe. This fact reminded me a lot of when Alexei would joke about jumping off his patio. Now I see that there was an element of truth in what he said. I can't imagine what Americans would do under such a regime. Even now, we can still say "Fuck Bush" as much as we want, and nothing will happen to us. We complain about losing our civil liberties, and yes, they are precious and need to be protected, but we as Americans really have nothing to complain about. We are so privileged here. We can pursue our happiness, follow our bliss. It's even written in the Declaration of Independence. These are privileges in this world. We don't even realize it. Until you step into the shoes of others, until we live the lives of others.

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