Monday, July 09, 2007


This year, I had quite a memorable 4th of July in Sausalito. Although I didn't get to partying until sunset, we had good times out on Stephen's boat, which is docked right behind the Trieste. We sailed only 1000 feet (or yards? can't remember) into Richardson Bay (as far as the Coast Guard allowed us to go), just in time for this magical sunset and one of the clearest nights for fireworks on the Bay that I can remember. After the display of light and color and smoke cleared from the sky, we blasted The Stones and danced like crazy with Stephen's collection of maracas to Sympathy for the Devil. Now that's my kind of Independence Day Party.

The docks hold a ton of memories and nostalgia for me, and now here's another night that will make me always think fondly about this special place.

Click here to have a look for yourself.

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