Friday, July 13, 2007

this thing

Lately I've been thinking, what if one day I were to stop writing this thing? What is all this blah blah about anyway? Is it entertainment for others? Or is it narcissistic of me to spend so much time writing my daily thoughts and to even think that others may read them [or not]? Or is it the need to feel that people know that I'm here, or out there [in cyberspace]? Is it a plea to be noticed? What is the purpose of this? Is it for me or for someone else? Am I giving you too much of myself, more than you want? Is it worth anything? Or am I wasting my time and yours? What if one day, you came here [to this site] and found nothing?

That said, I've been debating all day whether to write about my thought of the day. It's about The Rolling Stones. I was listening to Sucking in the Seventies this morning on my way to my mom's office where I'm killing time and getting paid. When Mannish Boy came on, it seemed to me that Mick Jagger was trying so hard to channel Muddy Waters, and not doing such a bad job at it. I imagined that Mick Jagger must have shot up so much heroin that he actually thought he was a big black man from the American South.


rachel said...

hey there! You don't actually know me, but i just wanted to tell you that i came across your blog a few months ago and check it every once in awhile. I keep coming back because I like your questions, your insights, and your descriptions of the places you visit! I hope this post doesn't give you even more confusion about the nature of writing your thoughts down, but i just wanted to let you know that I find them very interesting!
rachel - toronto, ON

KT said...

Well, thank you very much, Rachel from Toronto! Have you read about how much I love Canada?