Friday, August 31, 2007


I just signed up for a business planning class at the SF Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center. This course meets twice a week for 14 weeks. I am, of course, ambivalent about committing two nights a week to take this course (I could be having fun! I could be relaxing after a long day at work! I could be reading my New Yorker! I could be playing with my cat! I could be eating and drinking at fancy restaurants!), and at the same time I'm excited to begin this new phase of my life, in which I'll be able to finally define myself as the owner of the business I've been dreaming about. For years I've been toying with the idea of starting my production company, and for years I've been making excuses, following tangents, getting distracted by this and that, never giving my idea the energy and nurturing that it deserves.

So here goes. I am finally defining myself and making the decision to no longer live in that grey area.


Anonymous said...

Hey, how is this class going? Are you learning lots or are you just thinking about playing with the cat or that you could have been having a Cosmo? LaXara

KT said...

I have had one class and so far so good! A lot of people like me, lots of great ideas and a ton of energy. Kind of scary, huh?