Friday, October 19, 2007

delusional scientist

Just read a disturbing commentary piece on global warming in the WSJ by Daniel Botkin. While I agree with Dr. Botkin's statement that there is a bit of a global warming frenzy occurring in our culture, I totally disagree that this frenzy is unfounded for several reasons.

1) Our government has used fear tactics to make the general public acquiesce to a preposterous war in Iraq. The strategy of fear worked for the Bush adminstration, so perhaps fear tactics will finally make the American public change their attitudes and personal habits regarding ecological conservation.

2) Many other environmental scientists worldwide have provided research that the climate is changing at a faster rate than ever before in history and that this is directly related to man's levels of consumption and the industrialized world's disregard for the ecology.

3) Scientists have also shown that many species of insects have been disappearing at alarming rates, and certain animal species are migrating away from their natural habitats to cooler climates. Furthermore, with the depletion of rainforests comes the depletion of animal habitats. With the depletion of habitats naturally comes the depletion of species. (And if you're wondering how the disappearance of insect species could affect humans, it's called the food chain.)

4) It is a proven fact that water levels are rising and certain cities as we now know and love them (New Orleans, for example) will be no longer recognizable a century from now.

I will add links to back up my observations later, but in the meantime, I think articles like this one by Dr. Botkin do a disservice to the environmental movement in this country. Europe and Japan are way ahead in curbing the negative effects of CO2 emissions than the U.S. It's a major milestone that the green movement has had as much attention in the media as it is, and it disappoints me that the American media still propogates the myth that global warming (and the negative effects of climate change that it entails) isn't really a danger to the inhabitants of this planet.

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The Angry Marine said...

Don't worry. Be happy. If we lose our ozone layer to , at least we have some time before our drinking water becomes toxic and the air becomes noxious and the soils become barren. So come on America! Drive your cars. (Even a prius will do nicely.) Flush Drano and toothpaste and tampons down your drains! Run those air conditioners! Leave your computers and routers and printers and televisions and stereos on! And while you're at it, let's keep this economy going and buy one more of each...before China and Japan divest and our currency is flushed down the drain along with the tampons and we can't afford to buy a disposable camera with which to take a picture of that trippy lightshow in the San Diego. (And don't forget to turn on the lights!)