Friday, January 11, 2008


Today is a joyous day! Not only because we are one more day closer to the end of the Bush Regime, but because today I received word from Alexei that he has a visa to travel to Holland in March! Time to celebrate!

The only downside is that his visa is only for one month, which is kind of lame seeing as how he's never been able to leave the little godforsaken island that is his country in all of his 32 years on earth. So, as it stands now, he'll only be given a brief taste of what it is like to be released and live in a free society, and then basically be forced to go back to prison after his get out of jail free card expires thirty days later.

Seems unfair; however, at this point, I must rejoice that we at least will have the chance to experience life together without the pressures and constraints imposed by his country's totalitarian rule.

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