Wednesday, January 02, 2008

the last sunset, or love in a junkyard

New Year's Eve this time around seemed very random to me. Unlike other years, I was in San Francisco, and not in some exotic destination. Also this was the first New Year's Eve that I wouldn't spend with Alexei since I met him. So when it finally rolled around, I didn't have any expectations, and I didn't really have any solidified plans. I futzed around the house for a while, then ran some errands. Heading west on Fulton Street towards home, I noticed what looked like a million little cotton balls that had exploded across the sky. I continued on past my building, thinking what better way to begin the last night of 2007 than to witness the year's last sunset. Words cannot even describe the experience that I shared with hundreds of other beachcombers, except that the sky looked like a ceiling of light and color. I only had my camera phone with me, but snapped away in order to share this evidence of a higher power with all of my loved ones.

After the sunset, I returned home and had my first glass of sparkling wine and toasted to 2008, the last year of GW, with my cat, then packed up a bag of more bottles of bubbly to go party with Lilia and Geoff. Where we would end up celebrating the countdown remained to be seen, but at least I was prepared.

Where we ended up was a junkyard in Bayview. Lilia knew about a bicycle party out there, to which we took a taxi, which I found ironic. Upon arrival, I knew we had come to something special. A party in a junkyard, complete with live bands, $3 cocktails and firepits inside empty oil drums. Lilia, Geoff and I sat atop a junked police car and popped open a bottle of Prosecco.

Chad the music teacher joined us. Geoff performed some card tricks which attracted a small crowd. And it was there, in this very odd but memorable location, that we counted down to 2008 under the stars, fireworks exploding en l'air, kisses exploding sur terre, a very drunken couple copulating in the front seat of the junked cop car, steaming up the windows and giving us all a bumpy ride.

Lilia and Geoff took off early, leaving me to finish my drinks with the music teacher. At about 3 am, we decided to leave, and since there were no taxis in sight at that hour in that neighborhood, Chad gave me a lift on the back of his bicycle, something I haven't done since I was eighteen years old. We rode from Bayview to the Mission which seemed strangely empty and made the ending to this celebratory night that much more surreal.


Lilia said...

Two additions:
1) Geoff was the one who knew about the party. He deserves credit for that resourcefulness.
2) As the resident carfree advocate and bicycle fanatic in this family, I want it on record that I don't have a problem with taking a taxi to a bike party bc taxis foster the carfree lifestyle in a way that would otherwise not be possible.
Thanks for spending the evening with me! Happy 2008.

KT said...

Of course there's nothing wrong with taking a taxi. The irony of it simply amused me.

lonelytrader said...

Hello from Morocco! You had what I would consider a perfect New Year's eve...a celebratory, slightly hedonistic, random chance happening with dystopian undercurrents. Great photos! I miss San Francisco.

Cheers KT!

KT said...

Happy last year of G.W. to you! Enjoy Morocco! Je suis jalouse!

lonelytrader said...

Tu as raison! Sorry I missed you in LA. We left just as the storms were coming through. Hope you and Cloud are staying dry and warm.