Wednesday, January 16, 2008

philosophy doesn't make sense. comedy does!

I've been catching up on New Yorkers recently (due to not having television and not enough Netflix), so I finally read the Oct. 29, 2007 issue that features a profile of Steve Martin as a budding comedian. Apparently he studied philosophy (due to a crush on one of his peers at Knott's Berry Farm) at Long Beach State and UCLA. He says this about the moment he realized he didn't want a career in philosophy, but in show biz:

"A classmate, Ron Barnette, and I spent hours engaged in late-night mind-altering dialogues in laundromats and parking lots, discussing Wittgenstein, whose investigations disallowed so many types of philosophical discussions that we became convinced that the very discussion we were having was impossible. Soon I felt that a career in the irrational world of creativity not only made sense but had moral purpose."

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