Thursday, February 14, 2008

a good movie for v-day|a bad movie for v-day

I saw Ira Sachs' film Married Life last night, and he was present after the screening for a Q & A with the audience. I loved the film. It was a moving period piece set in the late 40's about adultery, sort of a psychological character study meets film noir. Great performances by Chris Cooper and Patricia Clarkson as husband and wife. Sachs told the audience that he didn't want it to be a typical suspense film noir type of film, hoping that the deep character studies would help the audience relate to the real human stories of love and how we love and how we stop loving or continue to love in different ways and, as the narrator of the film so profoundly stated, the things we do for love.

All I can say is that I've had a lump in my throat ever since I left the theater last night. I was very touched.

Thank you to Mr. Sachs for sharing this beautiful story with us all.

Fabulous costume design and art direction to boot.

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