Monday, February 25, 2008

the great green debate

I've been having some interesting debates lately with friends and colleagues about issues concerning sustainable practices in agriculture, transportation, commerce, fuel, recycling, reusing, etc. I've noticed that there is a lot of side-taking going on, i.e. local vs. organic, biodiesel vs. ethanol vs. plug-in vs. bicycle vs. public transport, to name a few. Whereas it has always been my personal opinion that there is no magic bullet, and the only solution to curbing climate change is a multifaceted approach, I must admit that I believe this debate that is happening to be a good one. I'm frankly very happy that people are talking more and more about these issues, and that people are becoming more aware of the solutions and alternatives to the "industrial-age" ways of doing things and feeling impassioned one way or another about one green thing or another! All in all, people seem to be catching the wave. The debate is quite healthy and will lead to more people finding different paths that will all hopefully lead to a better, healthier planet on which to live!

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