Wednesday, April 16, 2008

california wines follow-up

Parducci is the greenest winery in the U.S. And although they don't particularly say that the grapes are organic, they do say that the grapes are from local, family owned farmers, and that they are grown without synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Voilà quoi.

I drank a bottle of their $10 Pinot Noir with JC (not Jesus Christ) the other night. I'm not a big Pinot Noir fan. The jury is still out on Parducci until I try some other varietals.

Isn't there a Californian winery that would make a nice biodynamic Côtes du Rhone in the $10 per bottle range for me?

N.B.: The $8 biodynamic Roussette de Savoie by F. Giachino that I bought from Vintage Berkeley was, par contre, quite tasty, especially served chilled on the hot sunny afternoon we were lucky to have on Saturday.


Stephanie said...

I guess I'm just a wine slut. I'll drink anything Cab in the $10 range (except Smoking Loon which is only OK)

KT said...

Steph, please try to drink organic because I wouldn't want you imbibing unnecessary pesticides and added sulfites! We can get intoxicated without getting toxic!