Monday, April 07, 2008

old instruments|new sound

Saturday night JC and I rode all velo vogued out to the Great American Music Hall to see our favorite local band Rupa and the April Fishes perform (yes, again) for their April Fool's (Poisson d'Avril) show. I was psyched to watch Isabel, my new accordion teacher play, since I only get to play for her, which probably is not always so enjoyable. Here she is, looking gorgeous:

She sounded as good as she looked!

The big surprise of the evening was hearing the second opening act, Iron and the Albatross, a kind of carnavalesque, silent movie score-ish, experimental chamber music. I had to call Jessica to share the music with her through my cell phone. I was mesmerized watching this beautiful blonde siren belt out haunting tunes while tapping out melodies like a music box on what appeared to be a miniature baby grand piano. And the viola! Ah, the viola! [Sigh!] I managed to snap this photo from my cell phone, but these photos do no justice to hearing their music that was so moving. The only place I've found them is through some strange website that doesn't seem to be so current, so if anyone out there in cyber-world knows how to get in touch with this group, I want to be on their mailing list, buy their cd's and become their biggest fan (like Mel on Flight of the Conchords... well maybe not, on second thought). And so, here is that blonde siren:

Need I say that JC, Young and I had a GREAT time at the Great American on Saturday? Dancing to the April Fishes kind of makes you feel like you're at a Jewish wedding, only better, more sensual, more latin, more gypsy, more French. Those who know me know how I get on the dance floor, and so Saturday night was no exception. I took the express train to never-neverland and didn't come back until the band stopped playing, and even then the endorphins (not the vodka cranberries) made me high until the next morning. After the show, an older couple made a point of finding me and informed me that they had been watching me dance all night long from the balcony, and they were very impressed with my skills. Kinda spooky, yet kinda cool too. Thank God I didn't jump up on stage (wanted to though... yikes)!


Hereward said...

I love the GAMH.

KT said...

I didn't know they allowed cats inside! How novel! Meow!

thelonelytrader said...

I couldn't find the website for I&TA, but I found Ara Anderson's email:

It was on a cached version of the homepage, which is now defunct, I think.

Sounds like it was a good show!

KT said...

Thanks for finding the email... I'll try it!