Sunday, August 31, 2008

première nuit blanche (threesomes)

Needless to say, Anthony and I returned to the hotel at 5 am on Friday night. He, Lilia and I got started at 11 pm with a bottle of Champagne (yes, capital C) and a bottle of white in the hotel room. Zurich's old town was a-bamboula with a street party which included live bands, expensive beers and many drunkards stumbling over cobblestones. We three met up with another group of three Zurichers (is that what you call people from Zurich?) and danced and partied the night away to the sounds of a fun balkan-punk band (the only thing missing was an accordion).

About 2 am, we lost Lilia to her desire for sleep, but for the king of bamboula and I, the party had only just begun.

We connected with our second Zuricher threesome of the night, who invited us to come along with them to another street party on Longstrasse, which according to our new friend Nadine, was the street in Zurich where you go to find drugs and sex. I didn't see any whores - though I was propositioned - and didn't witness any drug usage - apart from the beers we were drinking.

All said and done, what a way to kick off my late summer vacation.

character style personality

In Switzerland, there is a liqueur called Appenzeller that is made with 42 herbs. It is produced in a chalet on a mountaintop, and is supposed to give you style, character and personality.

At Sultan's wedding in the Swiss German town of Wil on Saturday night, I must have thrown down a half dozen or so shots of this elixir. I asked Lilia if she wanted to join me. Her reply was that if she had any more style, character or personality she might explode.

So I did a couple more shots for her.

The next morning at brunch, Lilia told me that I smelled like 42 herbs.

I took it as a compliment (style, character and personality was oozing from my pores).

Thursday, August 21, 2008

no one knew and loved The City like Herb

My mom gave me her Pink Section on Sunday, and since I tend to read non-selectively and voraciously (i.e. anything that is within reach when lying on the couch with Cloud perched on my lap), I read it cover to cover. I discovered Herb Caen's re-published column entitled, Ahh San Francisco, and was particularly touched by his various of depictions of city life. Let him remind all of us why this place we call home is so unique and special.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

bamboula begins again

My friend Anne in Paris just told me that she plans on taking me to a party in Ménilmontant that she describes as loufoque.

So here's your French word of the day:

loufoque [lu fuhk]

(inf adj) - wild, crazy

C'est une idée loufoque ! - That's a crazy idea!

Related: la loufoquerie - craziness, barminess

24-hour service

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Definition: (informal adj) - cranky, scatty, hare-brained, eccentric

Il est bizarre ce mec, toujours avec ses projets farfelus. - That guy is strange, always with these hare-brained plans.

Il y a plus de gens farfelus aujourd'hui qu'hier. - There are more eccentric people today than yesterday.

My dear old dad just gave me a case of wine that he and his pals made. It's a California Syrah. My dad wanted to call it Château Terrific, but they named it Farfelu. I think the name is fitting.