Friday, September 12, 2008

bizarre ride to the far side

I've been in la Bretagne with Louis and Jeanine, my adoptive French grandparents, and having a truly Groundhog Day-esque experience. Last night we drove circles around the countryside because Louis couldn't quite figure out where he was. And we are not lacking in topics of conversation because we seem to have the same conversation every five minutes! Louis keeps me laughing by the way he drives, always in second gear and never more than 30 km per hour, usually with the brights on, and often going the wrong way down one way streets or pedestrian zones. When Jeanine and I attempt to advise him that someone is trying to pass him, or that he's about to run someone over, his reply is always the same: "Je m'en fous!"

Ya know what, at his age, I don't blame him one bit! On ne vit qu'une fois!

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