Friday, September 05, 2008

OPP or à la recherche du chat perdu

So I've been in Europe for about a week and having severe Cloud withdrawals. Everytime I see a cat in a photograph or poster, my eyes get a little weepy and I start reminiscing about how my furry white feline perches on my lap and rubs her cheek against my hand and purrs and salivates.

Yesterday I took Annick's Dutch style bicycle out for an afternoon spin on the country roads here in the middle of Nowhere, Belgium. I wasn't very far along when a gorgeous little orange tabby ran into the road to greet me. Of course, I had to oblige. Much to my delight, a calico kitty sauntered out to say hello, stretch and pose for me. Two cute furry animals to satiate my lack of feline companionship! While I was snapping photos of my new pals, all of a sudden, their human owner appeared behind me carrying what looked like a basket of onions or shallots. I quickly explained to her my love for les chats, and that I have a pretty white cat at home named Cloud (Nuage) and that I miss her terribly. She replied that she also has a white cat inside the house who recently gave birth to three little kittens, and invited me inside to meet them.

The mama kitty was called Praline. When I arrived she was curled up in a ball, but then rose to her feet, purring proudly, to show off her three little ones. I scratched Praline behind her ears and congratulated her as a new mom. I could have lingered much longer, but when the woman's sons arrived home, confused by this strange foreign woman ogling over their pets, I figured that was my cue to leave.

I've made other feline friends on this trip - a chatty black and white cat in front of Auriane's school, and a fat cat named Baby who loved getting his belly scratched at the Chinese restaurant where we had our "high school reunion" last night in Verviers. Cat portraiture to follow, naturellement!


jenken said...

Chris and I used to go on frequent cat walks in Seattle. On a typical day (however wet), we'd be greeted by an average of ten lovely felines. We were definitely into OPP! We had our favorites and gave them all names. Fort Bragg isn't quite the cat-mecca. Perhaps our furry friends aren't too into monster trucks?? Hope you are having a great time.

jenken said...

p.s. when do you see laxara originale?

KT said...

La Xara and I have been a-bamboula since Friday with Anthony and Anne in Paris!

I had some OPP today with a cute grey kitty in Vitry. I wonder if cats can be Communist too.