Sunday, September 14, 2008

party of one

The last evening of my vacation I find myself in Zurich on a Sunday, meaning most everything is closed, so I decided to stock up on alcohol from the supermarket that was open in the train station and get drunk and walk around and see what jumps out at me. So far the highlights have been a squirrel smelling another squirrel's butt, a beach footie match inside the train station, stange anti-Euro graffitti and two Swiss guys in suits eating McDonald's french fries.

I believe it's time to go home.


Anonymous said...

If things seem quiet, it's because all the bankers and their watchmakers have retired to their cantons until business improves. Witness the guys in suits eating McDonalds, instead of the usual capon and lobster potato salad at Petermann's.

KT said...

I forgot to mention that a small bottle of water cost me 4 Swiss Francs, the equivalent of 4 bucks!