Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Harvey Milk yesterday and today

It seems a bit like fate that after the passing of Prop. 8, the film about gay rights leader Harvey Milk is released. Many people think that if it came out (clever pun not intended) before the election, Prop. 8 may have gone down in flames. Hmmm, just like the Bush administration did after Fahrenheit 911?

In any case, however you want to slice it, it seems like this film is going to be phenomenal, and will mobilize people at the time we need them the most.

I've been editing a piece for Eye on the Bay about Harvey Milk's triumphant and tragic story, and his legacy, which airs TONIGHT at 7 pm. You can also catch it online if you're not a Bay Area resident.

Milk the film is screening at the Castro, of course. And from the few clips I've seen, it's not to be missed. More importantly, from what we all lived on November 4th, it's not to be missed.

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