Monday, February 16, 2009

things that make you go hmmmmm...

I'm currently meditating on Rob Brezny's advice to me (a Virgo) this week (though I think it applies to all people):

"The person one loves never really exists," said Arthur C. Clarke, "but is a projection focused through the lens of the mind onto whatever screen it fits with least distortion." Your assignment, Virgo, is to prove Clarke at least partially wrong. See if you can figure out a way to dissolve or elude your own projections long enough so that you can see the raw truth about a certain person you crave or adore or care about. Not a reflection of the dream lover who hides in your heart. Not a fantasy you wish your beloved would become. But the perfectly imperfect soul who is actually there in front of you.

We like to think that we are smart enough to not project and not to have unrealistic expectations in a budding relationship, but I think that part of being an imperfect and weak human being, is that we all naturally project our vision of what it means to be in love and in a relationship upon an adorable person who might be kissing us and telling us how beautiful we are, but that we may barely even know.

I'll tell you this, taking Rob's advice requires a heck of a lot of will power and re-training your brain how to think and react in these circumstances.

So is your loverboy just a man, or a love god? And as much as I like to think of myself as a goddess, am I, too, just a woman?


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