Wednesday, March 11, 2009

first locavore?

Michelle Obama likes it fresh, organic and local. Change is gonna come!


Anonymous said...

If you mix your contemporary Spanish (loca, as in "la vida") and your Latin (vorare, as in "vorare"), you might (mis-)construe the loverly MO as a "crazy eater". Of course, I disavow myself from any claim to a knowledge of proper etymology or generative grammar in any language!

Ima comin' up there in a coupla days -- will it be steins or glasses?

KT said...

Whichever you wish! Or we can make the rounds and have both!!!

Anonymous said...

Deal! I'll be there Wednesday in the early AM through Friday morning. I have a coupla people I'd like you to meet, if you have time. We'll play that part by ear, 'mkay? Ima call ya.

Wish I was staying longer. Friday I head south again. :(

KT said...

Otay! Looking forward to drinking with you! There's a fun event on Wednesday night in North Beach that you might like, and then I'm also free on Thursday night. I'm also unemployed again, so we can get drunk at noon, too.