Monday, March 16, 2009

Van is the Man for US

Van Jones is my hero. He is also the perfect man for me. I just wish I had met him and made him fall in love with me before he met his wife and had adorable children with her.

But, we can all be happy that he left the Bay Area on Sunday (sniff) for Washington to be Obama's adviser on green jobs. I had the honor and privilege of witnessing his last public speech in the Bay Area and also as the head of his non-profit Green For All before he boarded the plane to start his new gig on Obama's Green Team. Mr. Jones is not only inspirational (not to mention incredibly handsome), he's also got a great sense of humor in the face of adversity, a positive attitude that we could all use a dollop of on our morning toast and is a saving grace to the disenfranchised whose voices have been ignored for decades and centuries by previous administrations.

Thank God we have the right men in the White House (finally).

Here's an interview with Van the Man who Can from Alternet.

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