Sunday, January 31, 2010

Donating for Haiti in SF

Sirona Cares - a local organization working in Haiti's orphanages is collecting donations of clothing and supplies. Sirona Cares is run by Michelle Lacourciere and supports several orphanages in Haiti. Her blog with postings about how the orphanages have been affected is at

Items they accept:

Clothing, including new or used underwear, for all ages. It would be incredibly helpful if these donations could be separated (babies, small children, large children, women & men's clothes).
Shoes, all sizes
Medical Supplies: Gauze, Tape, Neosporin, Tylenol/Advil (Generics OK)
Kotex and Cloth Diapers
Towels and Sheets
Plastic Storage Boxes (Large) for packing, shipping and giving Haitians something to store their personal effects in. If you can bring nothing else, bring these!

They also need help sorting the donations. The following is from their blog -

"If you have more time than money, collect donations and bring them to 190 King Street in San Francisco. The owner of the property has donated the space for sorting, and we will be there receiving. We sort, fold, and box everything in plastic bins which will be used in Haiti for years. If you haven't been there, you don't know the many lifes of a plastic bin, but the goods a family collects will be kept dry, they will use it first as a suitcase to hold their entire life's belongings, then someday it will be a bathtub. Perhaps even a gas station. Haitians need these bins, as they need everything else.

If you are near San Francisco or itching for a reason to come: 190 King Street is our drop spot. Go to 188 King Street if we aren't there and Philip, the security guard, will let you in. Unload (park on the sidewalk) and then move your vehicle (south of the Giant's stadium is best) and then come back to sort. I'm serious, if you are sitting somewhere wishing you could do something like go to Haiti, come here. You will be busy, and feel the blessing of delivering good to Haiti" - Michelle Lacourciere

Times that space is available to sort are Monday through Friday 9am - 9pm. Saturday 9am - 8pm.

You can also drop off your donations at 2 other locations:

286 Fair Oaks Street [@24th] from Monday night onwards. Call ahead to arrange at 415 706 4453


More Mojo Studios, 1347 Church Street (at Clipper). Collection times are Monday - Friday 9am-12pm and 3-6pm
[p] 415 821 mojo (6656)

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