Monday, February 08, 2010

more on donations to Haiti

I found out today that the SF Fire Department is collecting donations until Friday February 12. I encourage all of you to find a firehouse near you and drop off any clothing and other useful items that you are not using. Follow this link so you can find an SFFD firehouse location.

Here's a list of items they accept:

* Clothing, including new or used underwear, for all ages. It would be incredibly helpful if these donations could be separated (babies, small children, large children, women & men’s clothes).
* Shoes, all sizes
* Medical Supplies: Gauze, Tape, Neosporin, Tylenol/Advil (Generics OK)
* Kotex and Cloth Diapers
* Towels and Sheets
* Plastic Storage Boxes (Large) for packing, shipping and giving Haitians something to store their personal effects in. If you can bring nothing else, bring these!

It makes me happy to know my shirts, shoes, skirts, pants, even my underwear, will be worn by someone who lost everything and really needs it.

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