Thursday, March 18, 2010

more DVF!

be a cyclist, wear a dress!

"The biggest mistake a woman can make is not to be herself in public or private."
— Diane Von Furstenberg

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

i was just feeling so happy to be a virgo, when i read this

I like calling upon reason and logic to help through the rough spots. I can always count on rational thought. That's what we Virgos do best! So now, according to Mr. Brezsny, must I really subject myself to further (irrational) scrutiny?

Virgo Horoscope for week of March 18, 2010

The storm is your friend right now, Virgo. So are the deep, dark night and the last place you'd ever think of visiting and the most important thing you've forgotten about. So be more willing than usual to marinate in the mysteries -- not with logical ferocity but with cagey curiosity. The areas of life that are most crucial for you to deal with can't be fully understood using the concepts your rational mind favors. The feelings that will be most useful for you to explore are unlike those you're familiar with.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

my gmail theme

I selected "Ninja" as my Gmail background theme. What I like best about it is that every day, the cartoon ninja characters change their activities. Sometimes they're flying through the air in total sabotage, other times they're bowing in respect.

It gave me hope today to see the ninjas putting down their nunchucks and instead offering a bouquet of flowers.
"In the context of lifelong partnership, love is not an emotion.  Love is a course, an utterly steadfast, stable path that deviates not in the face of hardship or challenge.  It is an undeniably fixed and invariable promise that does not waver, even in the face of death.  While we look for a mate who shares our hobbies, is sexually attractive, makes us laugh, and helps us to feel good, these things are not the substance of love.  All of our criteria for finding a mate - the person has to look this way, have that kind of job, dress like this, be hip, have this much money, etc., are all things that will disappear with time.  None of them will last.  All that will last is the love that was given and the love received.  True love must transcend our limited views of love, for true love stands in its own category.  As such, it is not dependent upon the endless ebb and flow of our emotions and on the ever-changing agendas of our current likes and dislikes."
Katherine Woodward Thomas

Saturday, March 06, 2010

The 8 Phases of Dating

I have over 3,000 emails in my inbox. Jess was laughing at me for my disorganization. I keep all these emails because sometimes there are some special gems I want to look back on. Especially when they make me laugh.

This is one of them: The 8 Phases of Dating.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

take a bite outta SF

Cloud yawn
I know... another picture of Cloud.

This one rocks though. Looks like she's gonna eat the Muni.

Monday, March 01, 2010

wild parrots on lightpost

wild parrots on lightpost
Spotted at Ferry Terminal a couple Sundays ago. The parrots bring a sense of magic and wonder to a city that's already quite magical and wonderful. :-)