Monday, July 05, 2010

KT's World Cup Roundup

David James - England - Not the greatest goalkeeper, which is why he is called Calamity James. Among all the hotties of the World Cup, KT loves him primarily for his passion for collecting vintage bikes, living a green lifestyle and maintaining artistic and literary hobbies. A true Renaissance Man. His next career move is to accept my invitation to come ride bikes in SF.

Bastian Schweinsteiger - Germany - Not exactly KT's physical type (though I have no complaints). My love for him is based solely on his football skillz alone. I liked him better during Euro 2008 when he had platinum blond hair. Der Schweiniiiiiiii!!!!

Didier Drogba - Ivory Coast - He's a goodwill Ambassador to the United Nations, credited with playing a vital role in bringing peace to his country and was voted one of Time Magazine's 100 most influential people. KT loves him not just for his abs, but that smile and those bedroom eyes. In addition, he has donated every dollar from commercial endorsements to build a hospital in his hometown (He gets two photos - that's how much I like him).

Diego Forlan - Uruguay - That tan, those abs, those pecks, those blond curls! And he's unstoppable on the pitch!

Florent Malouda - France - So sad he went home early. How can you not appreciate those chiseled features?! South African newspapers have suggested he pursue a modeling career and I concur. He also scored France's only goal during the Cup. Thank God.

Kevin Prince Boateng - Ghana - A great goal scorer. In addition to collecting tattoos, apparently he also has a shopping addiction and more pairs of shoes than Imelda Marcos.

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