Friday, November 19, 2010

Where can you find my recent work online?

Right here!

KT & host Liam Mayclem of Eye On The Bay.
Liam & KT - bike date at the park

My most recent project is Islands of Life, a feature length documentary about the conservation success story of the Bahamas. The film explores the protection of several wildlife habitats, including the land crab and the flamingo. I served as story consultant and film editor on this project.

I co-produced, co-hosted and edited the first two segments (SF Bike Tour & Scraper Bikes) of the recent Eye On The Bay Bike episode (originally aired Oct 25, 2010).

SF Bike Tour

Scraper Bikes (produced, directed, edited)

I produced, wrote and edited the following promo for Link TV's ViewChange - The Mothers Index:

Other promos for Link TV:

NHK Newsline (from Japan)

Global Spirit - is a multi-cam talk show infused with documentary segments that I edited for Link TV.

Here's a smattering of a few favorite episodes.

Watch here:
Global Spirit - full episodes
Global Spirit - clips


Hey! You Up There! is a show for kids about sports hosted by kid journalists who go behind the scenes to talk with top athletes. Shot in studio and on location.

Watch more here: Hey! You Up There!


Here But Not For Long - Lexus Golden Opportunity Sales Event

Here But Not For Long - Edited by Kristin Tieche from Kristin Tieche on Vimeo.

A promo for Lexus that I edited. Shot on Canon 7d!


Business profile for - Luscious Garage. I edited this segment.


Power Paths is a feature-length documentary that I edited that aired on PBS in November 2009.

Watch here: Power Paths.


Ediblease pilot with host Kara Tsuboi

Ediblease & SF Grill from Kristin Tieche on Vimeo.

I produced, directed and edited this pilot for Ediblease, a cooking show that makes sense of the locavore movement - Eating Well... Made Easy!


And last but not least, your dose of daily madness on my very own Vimeo Channel:

kt go giants!!!

KT's Vimeo Channel

Enjoy the ride!

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