Sunday, December 11, 2011

Scott Olsen speaks from Occupy Oakland

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I am working on a film about warriors for peace, including Vietnam Vet for Peace Brian Willson, who lost both his legs during a non-violent protest here in the U.S. when he was run over by a train. It is easy to make the connection between Brian Willson and Iraq War Vet for Peace Scott Olsen of Occupy Oakland, who was knocked unconscious during a police raid on October 25th. It is very ironic that both Brian and Scott came home from fighting in wars on foreign soil with no physical injuries and were consequently brutally injured while practicing their democratic freedoms at home.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

excerpt from my short story, Bad Faith

That night I dreamt I was with him. We were in a strange city at night, maybe Florence, walking hand-in-hand down cobblestone streets. He led me down a narrow passageway that was lined with marble statues of naked Romanesque women. There were so many of them that I started feeling unsettled by the thought of having to compete with these stone beauties. Morris stopped at one in particular. Gazing at her, he said to me, “You are my favorite.” It was a statue of a young woman, draping a sheet of billowing fabric over her front side, her back exposed and naked, save for the long curls of hair that hung there loosely. He reached up and fondly touched the curve in her lower back, the part that merged into her plump bottom. “Isn’t she exquisite?” he asked. And then he leaned down and gently kissed my lips. I awoke, flushed, still tasting the flavor of Morris’s lips on mine, floating in an ethereal space high above my body. It took a few seconds for me to come down, back to my bed and the emptiness of my bland bedroom.