Friday, May 18, 2007


I have to leave for the airport in seconds, literally. Just got word from Jon that the apartment in the Upper Haight is mine, so it looks like I'll have a new furry white roommate in July.

I just ran out for last minute supplies and a cup of coffee here in Noe. In the independent bookstore on 24th, I impulsively bought Walks Through Lost Paris by Leonard Pitt. I irrationally and impulsively love Paris, and so I couldn't help myself.

I haven't heard from Alexei in 3 days. I think he took a trip to the eastern part of the island with his friend, so that would explain why. Three days doesn't seem like much to some, but when a daily e-mail is all the love you have to cling to, it's an eternity. And so, as I'm walking down Church Street, listening to the beautiful sounds of San Francisco--the J-line passing, stroller wheels rolling, birds chirping in their nests--I miss Alexei. I want to hold his hand, all the while my heart breaking for someone else, and with every step along the sidewalk, a heaviness overcomes me, and I can't wait to get on the plane and fly into the clouds above.


Anonymous said...

Congo rats!

Buen Viaje!

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