Wednesday, May 16, 2007

the very hungry...

This morning, I was editing the promo for the film I'm doing with Jessica. I propped my computer onto the dining room table, so I can look outside at the trees and birds that fly by. I was startled by two turkey vultures who were circling the back yard, and very close to the window. These birds usually never visit our yard. I usually see robins and jays and blackbirds. I wondered if there was something dead back there that they were scavenging.

On the ironing board inside the house, I found a tiny caterpillar. Seeing as there was nothing for it to eat on the ironing board, I quickly brought it outside and placed it on my mom's begonias. She'll hate me for that, but it's such a cute fuzzy caterpillar. Its coloring and design remind me of a Persian rug. Bon appétit!

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