Friday, September 14, 2007

deal breakers

What do we consider deal breakers when it comes to relationships? And not just love relationships, but friendships too? How many times can we forgive? How many times can we say that we understand before our own hearts start breaking?

What is the criteria for giving up on another person? When do we decide to completely let go? What is the last straw? How many chances do we give someone before we finally say goodbye [adieu]?

And if it's true that to err is human, then can we really blame another human being for being... human? Is it petty to write someone off because they make mistakes? What if it's not a mistake, but something beyond their control [society, politics, geography]? What if it's genetic? Something they're born with? Is he too tall? Too short? Smokes too much? Drinks too much? Is he too far away? Too poor? Too rich? Not smart enough? Speaks the wrong language? Too depressed? Too emotional? Not emotional enough? Too proud? Do we blame them? Or do we welcome the imperfection and love it [him]? And what happens when we can no longer accept the imperfection? Do we set the person free [free ourselves]?

Why does it take longer for your heart to release than your mind? Why does logic tell you one thing and your emotions another? Or is it that your heart never totally lets go?

When does it change inside? When does attraction suddenly become detachment? Why do we stop caring for something [someone] that once seemed so precious? Why do we break the deal?


Anonymous said...

KT, sometimes you ask some tough questions...good ones, but tough. LaXara

KT said...

If only I had answers to these questions... But alas, no.

KT said...

P.S. My cat has the answers. She says the answer is "Meow."