Thursday, September 06, 2007


This morning when I woke up I thought I was in LA. The sunlight was a funny orange color, and the sky was a brownish grey. Since I have been chained to editing bays day and night lately and not listening the news, I had no idea that there have been wildfires in the Sierras, which has caused the smoggy conditions in SF.

28,000 acres are up in flames.

Let's hope it's contained soon.

This would also explain why I suddenly came down with pink eye this afternoon, which, according to several online health sites, is often caused by smog.


Anonymous said...

Have you heard that a boiled egg that´s cooled a bit, helps with pink eye? It´s supposed to be good because of the egg stays warm for some time, shape and then if you´re hungry later, you can eat it. La Xara

KT said...

Sounds great. Next time this happens, I'll do this, and then I can put the egg into a salade nicoise! Miss you, my dear!