Thursday, June 05, 2008

alternative to playing for Cloud

Thursday was such a beautiful day, but I was stuck in a dark and hot editing room all day in Sausalito. I brought my accordion with me because Stephen, the director I've been working with ever since I moved back to the Bay Area a couple years ago, has been dying to hear me play. So I brought the Ferrari with me to work today, only to not have time to share my Piaf with him. So on the way home, I was inspired to make a pit stop in the Headlands and practice with this amazing view of the City before me, instead of playing in my apartment for Cloud. I'm sure she's bored with my four songs by now. The people who stopped by the side of the road to take in the view (not to hear me play) were very gracious regarding all my mistakes, but I hope I provided a special experience for them nonetheless.

I snapped these pics with my phone, so I could share them with you (whoever you are).


Anonymous said...

That picture reminds me of sunsets above Bo ridge. When I get the bike out of storage and head up to SF this weekend, Mt Tam is definitely one of my sentimental stops.

Hope you can get that button fixed...

KT said...

I hope so too, but I found out my repair woman is out until tomorrow, so this weekend looks like we'll just be singing Piaf a capella!