Tuesday, June 10, 2008

american beef apathy, etc.

Tens of thousands of Koreans protested their government's decision to reopen imports of U.S. beef in their country, fearing exposure to mad cow disease.

Why Americans are not up in arms about this issue is a mystery to me. I've written before about how the USDA is pulling the wool over our eyes and allowing downer cows to be put into our food supply.

And yet, Americans simply order more hamburgers.

So yes, Koreans are upset about more issues than just the beef, yet it was the impetus for such a large and effective protest that caused his cabinet to resign, perhaps much in the way that France's decision to do away with co-ed dormitories launched the protests of 1968 in Paris.

And so I wish Americans would would follow the Koreans' lead!

And oh yes, thanks to my pal Kucinich for calling for the impeachment of Bush-Cheney, Inc. yesterday. That's my boy!!! Let's not forget to write our letters to Pelosi!


Anonymous said...

I was thinking I would rant about Pelosi here, but to paraphrase an earlier comment (WRT the Vatican), I'll show some restraint.

KT said...

No, please, go ahead and rant...!!!