Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Écoutez et répétez

Allez les bleus!


Steve S said...

Can you tell me anymore about Kristin Wipff. She and I were very close and I'm shocked and saddened at her loss.

thelonelytrader said...

Finally, someone with a haircut worse than mine.

Tintos ir!

KT said...

Steve, did you go to school with her? She had cancer and passed in 2006. Who are you?

Steve S. said...

We lived together for almost 5 years and were engaged (about 1990 to 1995)and continued to be good friends for several years and then lost touch. I can't believe what happened to her and please pass along (unless it would reopen wounds that will never heal) my condolences if you talk to Erin.
You can reach me through http://www.meetthekarazans.blogspot.com.