Tuesday, June 10, 2008

monday mixed bag

I began my day by watching 30 minutes of an uneventful footie match between France (Allez les bleus!) and Romania at Couleur Cafe. The most exciting part of that experience was sitting with a group of Frenchmen at 9 am, all smoking and drinking coffees and groaning. And then when one of them turned to me and asked, "Qui est-ce la mademoiselle dans la jolie casquette?" All I can say is that nil nil is nul. So I had to seek redemption at lunchtime by sneaking out of the office to watch the second half of the Netherlands v. Italy game. I wasn't the only one in the bar rooting against Italy, and we were all happy to see the Oranj kick some Azzurri booty. Hooray!

At the end of my shift, Young and I spontaneously decided to meet back at Couleur Cafe to share a Dine About Town prix fixe meal of Salade Frisee, Salmon over black japanese rice topped with wilted greens and a roasted red pepper ragout, followed by Crème caramel, all complimented by two glasses of Rosé from the Côtes du Rhône region (thank you very much), which I needed to make myself forget about my wheezing Ferrari that needs to go to the shop for repair, wounded by a rogue wiffle ball.

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KT said...

For those of you (whoever you are) who have been biting your nails wondering if my accordion can be fixed, the answer is OUI. The Ferrari will be back in business tonight, repaired for a mere $25.