Thursday, July 03, 2014

KT's Round-Up of 2014 World Cup Hotties

A lot of new faces this year!

These hotties have made a cougar out of KT.

Starting here.

Olivier Giroud, France.

Looks hot in bleu.

Looks hot in a suit.

But I prefer him in this kind of suit.


Moving on to our host country - Brasil!

I got my eye on Thiago Silva. He's got that classic, Latin handsomeness going on.

Dresses up well.

Good kisser.

Bringing it back to the Motherland - Adam Larsen Kwarasey from Ghana.

And goalies rarely take their shirts off, but when they do, OMG.

And speaking of shirts off, Giorgos Karagounis of Greece can't seem to keep his on.

Why should he?

Why should anyone on the Greek National Team for that matter?

Why stop at shirts? That's exactly what the Croatian National Team asked too.

Here's Dejan Lovren ready to take a plunge butt nekkid with the rest of his teammates.

He takes his clothes off on the pitch too.

Back to goalies. One word. MEMO.

He's even hotter when he's cold.

I'm on a goalie kick! (get it? "kick?") Alireza Haghighi from Iran.

Here he is calling us a cab.

And here are the other games he likes to play.

Back to footie. Huge crush on Enner Valencia of Ecuador.

Super cute and he's got skillz!

Bringing it back home to the U.S. of A.! Jermaine Jones wins the tattoo category this year.

But Tim Howard wins for being the BOSS.

And from the team that just might win it this year, Mario Yepes of Colombia.

I like a strong, confident defender.

Especially with long hair and a sincere look in his eye. (Whoa!)

Honorable Mention: Belgium's Divock Origi rides a bike!

And gives good hugs!

And no list would be complete without this guy. If you look up "hot" in any language, you'll see Christiano Ronaldo.

Enjoy the rest of the Cup! And may the best MEN win!


MELI. said...

bookmarking this! thank u internet. THANK U KT. now I need a beer ... es hot!!

Kristin Tieche said...

You're welcome very much!